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Miami Springs Hotels are Near the MIA Airport  and offer neighborhood amenities.  On the north side of the Miami International Airport, the Miami Springs hotels offer walk-through access to a friendly, peaceful, beautiful neighborhood with parks, playgrounds, restaurants, and shops.  If you like to walk or run during your layover, and would like to have convenient restaurant options, and need to stay as close as possible to the airport, the Miami Springs Hotels are IT.  Hotels on the immediate East, South, and West sides of the airport cannot match the Miami Springs walkability factors (more)

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Miami Grapeland Water Park

Miami Grapeland Water Park
2014 Season Begins Friday March 21.  Two miles from the MIA Miami International Airport.  Travelers with a long layover can quickly Taxi back and forth to this water playground, lockers and showers available.   (more)

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is ten miles from the MIA Miami International Airport.  A horticultural marvel on 83 acres with 14 lakes.  Thousands of exotic butterflies in the new butterfly conservatory.  Thankfully, an open air trolley gives a comfortable tour of the property before planning your walk  (more)

Jungle Island Parrot Jungle

Jungle Island is ten miles from the MIA Miami International Airport, conveniently located near Miami Beach and the Port of Miami.  17 acres of tropical jungle teeming with colorful birds, many flying freely.  Other exotic animals make their home here, too.  A swimming beach and Lakeside Cafe round out a pleasant break for cruise passengers with time to fill before or after a cruise — check for crusing specials   (more)

Miami Art District, Street Murals & Galleries

The Miami Wynwood Art District and outdoor MidTown Mall, eight miles from the MIA Miami International Airport, is free for the looking.  Hunting for the street murals is fun and, given the numbers, easy to find.  Restaurants and bars provide refreshments.  Some images and a map  (more)

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